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Our story…

Our Beginnings

In 1958, Takashi is born in Hidaka, Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido, Takashi’s home, is a chilly northern island teeming with lively fish. Takashi’s father was a fisherman. Raised with the ocean, Takashi naturally learned the arts of fish slicing and culinary seafood preparation from his father.

Along with the fish, Takashi grew up watching Texas-set American Cowboy films, which were broadcasted in Japan almost weekly. Takashi grew a keen admiration for America throughout his early life. Through an acquaintance, Takashi came upon a chance to live his own long- wished American dream.

In 1986, Beginning the Path to the American Dream
When he was 25, Takashi was appointed as a sushi chef in Austin, Texas in 1986. He was astonished and moved by the amount of cuisine in America.

Takashi took great enthusiasm in adding an American touch to Japanese sushi based on the tastes of his customers. He worked very hard toward what was part of his American dream—the ownership of his very own Cadillac.


Road to Takumi Izakaya

1990, Mirage Mikado Chief Chef
For the first time, word reached Takashi of a Chief Sushi Chef position in a famous Las Vegas hotel. When he came to Vegas, he loved the weather more than anything. It was around this time that Takashi’s typical favorite outfit, a Hawaiian shirt and khakis, became commonplace in his life.

In 2004, Venetian Hotel Tsunami Chief Chef
At Tsunami, Takashi created over one hundred original sushi rolls. His reputation gained fame after he was featured on the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

2007, Xtreme Sushi Chief Chef
Collaborating in the opening of a sushi restaurant whose main focus was on original sushi rolls, Takashi spread the new All-You-Can-Eat Sushi trend throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

2014, Fish&Fish, Fukuoka, Japan
Fish&Fish, serving Takashi’s Americanized rolls in Japan, opens in Fukuoka, Kyushu. Takashi’s artfully crafted sushi rolls, with an American touch, are a big hit in Japan.

2017, Sushi Takashi, Chinatown in Las Vegas, Chief Owner Chef.

2019, Hidaka Sushi, South-east in Las vegas. Chief Owner Chef.

And now, Takashi continues to learn the works of the American taste bud, thanks to his open, well-spoken American customers.
He appreciates and loves their free-spirited, bright nature and their willingness to voice their opinions.

In the hub of life that is his beloved Las Vegas, Takashi’s determination is to deliver high-quality izakaya dishes at reasonable prices and have a good time with your companions.

This is Takumi Izakaya

Our Chef Team

Takashi Nakamura

Takashi Nakamura

Takashi came back to south-west area of Las Vegas.

Katsushi Kitabayashi

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